Our Brand consultancy Agency enables to develop a strategic brand positioning to uplift consumers brand perception. It is our role to perfectly convey your brand attributes across all owned platforms and assets, to ensure that we provide a transparent communication while making your brand desirable and memorable,

Our Branding Support

Our streamlined support covers all communication platforms and assets of the brands we promote. We review every detail and aspect of the brand to convey a strong and consistent message, which will straighten the brand credibility, and positioning, standing out from competition.
360 Agency Berlin brand consultancy enables to redefine and disseminate the brand core values proudly, internally as well as externally.

The Branding Framework

The branding framework:
360 Agency Berlin starts brand consultancy with a research preamble, which consists on analysing and deploying a brand audit, to define the brands attributes to convey transparently with accuracy.

We will also build a detailed segmentation which will provide a very detailed target group definition, psychographic segmentation, breaking your target market into segments based on their lifestyle and interests, or a behavioural segmentation which is the act of placing customers into different categories based on their actions and behaviours in the marketplace.

Once this research milestone is completed, along with a competitive research, 360 Agency Berlin our branding agency can provide the brand positioning and communication recommendations. We also provide as part of a brand consultancy the design, logos and creative directions, to propagate and implement in all owned and earned platforms.

Unlocking Branding Value

360 Agency Berlin ensures to provide a memorable and consistent consumer journey. Transforming your platform in a market reference, inspirational platform, increasing traffic and conversions.

Brand New Ecosystem:
360 Agency Berlin helps brands to create their new environment distinguished by flexibility, speed, transparency, sustainable principles and a real purpose.

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