Nowadays, Profit is not the only key performance indicator to measure success.
Today, top ESG performers enjoy faster growth and higher evaluations than other players in their sectors by a margin of 10 to 20 percent. Also strong ESG credentials drive down costs as it often unlocks operational efficiency and waste reduction.
It is in the interest of any brand to proceed with ESG assessment and reporting before it becomes legally mandatory.

Sustainability and ESG

360 Agency Berlin marketing agency reviews ESG, which provides a precise state of the business’s environmental and social impact.
The ESG framework is a strong and indispensable approach to assessing the risks and benefits brought by focusing in on the environment, social and governance issues. This framework itself has triggered the dawn of ESG and Sustainability Reporting.
ESG reporting refers to the disclosure of data covering the company’s operations across the framework.

360 Agency Berlin ESG Framework

What are the factors that we review during ESG Consulting:
E factor:

Carbon neutrality and zero emissions. The footprint calculates emissions generated by electricity, fuel and waste in a company's supply chain,
Plastic-based reductions: Companies are starting to eliminate plastics in their operation as a response to added pressure from consumers and government regulation.
Regenerative agriculture: this is a key tool to reduce the practice of deforestation and increase the capture of carbon emission.
S factor:
Supply chain management: social and governance footprint lies also on suppliers.
Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).
Human rights and labour practice.

Unlocking Value

360 Agency Berlin ESG report connects to value creation within an organization

Top-line growth:
ESG attracts B2B and B2C customers with sustainable products and achieves better access to resources through stronger community and government relations.

Cost reductions:
360 Agency Berlin ESG report lowers energy consumption and reduces natural resources intake.

Regulatory and legal interventions:
360 Agency Berlin ESG report achieves greater strategic freedom and earns subsidies support it also boosts employee motivation and attracts talent through greater social credibility.

  1. We assess the current corporate positioning and the reasons for non compliance. 360 Agency Berlin will take the time to better understand your corporate position covering external needs, supply chain and stakeholders.

  2. We build a strategy to analyse which activities need to be optimised and which value chain areas are most relevant to sustainable objectives. It’s critical to set the right KPIs to manoeuvre in the right direction.

  3. We operationalise: This involves establishing the organisational foundation to integrate and manage sustainability initiatives. Turning the strategy into operations.

  4. Reporting. The final report will provide information on all corporate sustainable initiatives and the ability to share those information and communicate disclosures with regulators, stakeholders and potential partners.

The 4 steps we apply to define a sustainability road map.

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