Frequently Asked Questions

  • « How do you identify if you can work or not for a brand? »

    — Question frequently asked

  • « How do you decrease CO2 emissions from an agency perspective »

    —Question frequently asked

  • « What are the processes you have in place once you accept to promote a client?»

    — Frequently asked question


  • What is the process in place to find out if you can promote our brand?

    The agency will first schedule a call in order to discuss further certifications, environmental, social impact and brand attributes.

    If we agree to work together we will review in details the brief also via conference call to avoid transportation and Co2 emissions.

    If your brand is looking for a full scope of work, we will first review your brand in details in order to analyse the strength and weaknesses to build a transparent and impactful communication.

    We will also use renown surveys such as TGI and to build the target audience and psychographic profiles of the different segment.

    We will then build the creative and media strategy and build all assets in the given time frame, monitoring all milestones advancements thanks to our process timeline.

    Your campaign will be ready to launch to turn heads, and draw attention to your initiative, always within the given budget.

  • How do you select the clients you work with?

    There is an obvious need for a greater transparency in the advertising industry and the time to act is now.

    This is why we created some new processes at 360 Agency Berlin based on what we call sustainable advertising.

    We promote exclusively sustainable brands. We think that to assess the level of sustainability the brand/advertiser should compile with the 3 following criteria.

    We look at the brand respect of international labour rights and their environmental impact by looking into their certifications and by asking production origins and standards.

    We also look at the brand Corporate social responsibility parameters they have in place before to identify if they compile with all requisites and identify if we can fully support the brand messaging.

    We strongly believe that the agency is accountable for the message they issue and deliver, therefore we take full responsibility of the brands, and initiative we promote.

  • How do you cut yourself Co2 Emissions

    It seems essential to align actions with words therefore it is vital to avoid from the agency perspective at any cost the use of virgin plastics, and refrain as much as we can co2 emissions.

    To do so we established a few internal rules such as refraining traveling by plane whenever possible, such as for briefing meetings that can be online shall be led via webinars, and we preferably travel by train wherever possible. Also company cars instead of being luxurious shall be electrical.

    We shall avoid printing whenever possible, (Internal documents, minutes that can stay in a drive).

    We also strongly advice and completely avoid BTL print advertising, such as brochures or single flyers.

    Use Ink and paper from recycling initiative, such as Air ink or recycled paper. Systematically propose eco-friendly solutions to clients.

    And finally enable the members of the agency to work at least 2-3 days from home in order to save further CO2 emissions.